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What is the size of the Unsinkable Boat in a Box?

This charming item fits in the palm of your hand, designed for portability and ease of display. The exact dimensions are 14*4cm, perfect for your desk, bookshelf, or as a delightful addition to your collection.

How does the boat stay afloat?

The Unsinkable Boat in a Box is cleverly designed with a special mechanism that keeps the boat upright and afloat at all times. It’s a wonderful conversation piece that mimics the buoyancy of a real boat.

Is the water inside real? How do I maintain it?

The water is actually a gel-based substance that doesn't evaporate or spill. No maintenance is required, so you can enjoy your Unsinkable Boat without any upkeep!

Can the Unsinkable Boat in a Box be opened?

The box is sealed to ensure the stability of the boat and maintain its unsinkable feature. We do not recommend opening the box as it could disrupt the mechanism that keeps the boat afloat.